How it works

Creating a statue of yourself all starts with our scanner. This step takes about 60 seconds where you will strike a pose on a platform. The platform will spin very slowly while an array of 3D and digital cameras capture lots of data. Once the scanning is complete you will instantly be able to see your digitized self.

Digital Surgery

The next step is to have a digital artist prepare your 3D scan for printing. Our artist will go over your scan to edit the colors, textures and any other areas that the scanner may have missed. This step ensures that your full color, ceramic statue will be amazing.

3D Printing

The final step is to bring your digital self into the real world. To achieve this we use a color ceramic 3d printer. Printing can take several hours to complete. The final part of the printing process includes coating the figure with a sealer that will give vibrancy to the colors.


Our Equipment is designed, engineered, and built in house. Electronic design to metal fabrication, we do it all.

About US

We use 3D scanning and color 3D printing technology to turn you into your very own statue.

Latest News

We have upgraded our equipment to capture over a gigapixle of image data used to create your statue.