Available Postions

Most jobs listed are freelance positions unless otherwise stated. Please carefully read and consider the available positions below. Thank you for your interest in our company.

In order to be considered for any of the available positions please provide a current resume which should demonstrate any relevant skills for the position. We are also interested in considering any supplemental material you feel will showcase your talents such as videos, portfolios, or other creative mediums.

All positions are short to long term contract work.
Please email us at employment@zeropoint3d.com to apply.

3D Artist

Requirements include a working knowledge of the software 3D coat. If you can demonstrate your ability to quickly learn and adapt to using 3D coat we will offer one-on-one training as necessary. Experience with Adobe products, specifically Photoshop is preferred.

The main responsibilities are to edit 3D scans and prepare them for 3D printing. We do not use UV maps, we use vertex based paint and textures. This method is much faster and effecient for our purpose.

The typical workflow will be to import the 3d scan, repair the mesh, model missing items or props (if needed), then fix and blend the colors and textures, apply HD textures to high detail areas, scale the statue, hollow the inside, then expot the file for printing. The typical time with our process and 3d coat takes on average 20-45 minutes to perform.

This is for a remote position, the pay ranges from $12 - $22 per hour commensurate with experience and skill.

Sales Representative

This candidate must have a friendly and outgoing attitude with the ability to recognize customer needs and close deals. During your typical day your tasks will consist of selling our product, booth setup/breakdown, and processing customer payments. A typical working day will be Friday through Sunday with some exceptions. We will provide travel accommodations which can include air fare, hotel, transportation to and from the destination.

Compensation is a guaranteed flat weekend rate. Additional comission per item sold will be granted if weekend sales goals are met.

About US

We use 3D scanning and color 3D printing technology to turn you into your very own statue.

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We have upgraded our equipment to capture over a gigapixle of image data used to create your statue.